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I hit another thousand and I wanted to do something nice to celebrate it. I was going to do a giveaway because tbqh I think that’s a better way to celebrate (and thank) my followers but I’m broke so yeA. Anyway I did this¬†follow forever because these people are A) my friends (actually only like 4 or 5 are my friends but still); B) all of them made my experiences on tumblr just A+, C) are overall great and I admire them so here we go~

A: a-torvs, accioamypoehler, adleration, agentpond, andlionheart, areyoumarriedriver, armsoftheocean

B: bastiles, bellatirx, bloodydifficult, bolinss

C: cathycath, crookshankslovespig, cruciothelights

D: dinklage, dracomalfyo

E: eveerdens, everlastingink

F: -

G: gwnstacy

H: hadestowns, halloweenteriscoming, herm0ine, highonkaboom, horcruxs

I: imaginaryhat, ireneadlered, irenebadler

J, K: -

L: lazoey, lestranges, let-them-talk, loveatomb, lumos-maxima, lumoslouis

M: meliapond, melody-malone, morsmordre-x

N: nothernwatertribe

O: ohne-dich, ohremus, onequibbler

P: peetaspatronus, perceptivehands, pevensied, planets-bend-between-us, pondstiels

Q: -

R: raggedyamelia, redqueens

S: sherleck, sherlockisthebest, shrlock, steven-moffat, stonehearting

T: the-eleventh-blog, thenobledonna, thepurebloodprincess, the-shade-of-sonic-lipstick, tomhiddles, tomhiddly

U,V: -

W: watsonjoans, whatthefawkes

X, Y, Z: -

All the blogs I follow are superb so here is my blogroll~

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Follow Forever!


Click the read more to see it! I included a lot of URLs, haha.

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