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I think Irene finds deduction fascinating…like when you’re an amateur at something and you’re kind of yearning to have the skills to be better and  I think she has the perfect example and mentor in Sherlock.” - Lara Pulver, Sherlock Uncovered: The Woman

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"Brainy’s the new sexy." {Irene Adler, A Scandal in Belgravia}

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The wonderful drama of Sherlock Holmes is that he’s aspiring to this extraordinary standard. He is at root an absolutely ordinary man with a very, very big brain. He’s repressed his emotions, his passions, his desires, in order to make his brain work better — in itself, a very emotional decision, and it does suggest that he must be very emotional if he thinks emotions get in the way. I just think Sherlock Holmes must be bursting!” - Steven Moffat

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Sherlock AU - Don’t You Want To Phone A Friend?

At the Watsons’ wedding, after his phone call to Mycroft proves unhelpful, it occurs to Sherlock that their may be another person who shares his feelings about weddings. But, like his brother and as per usual, the Woman sees right through him. 

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irene + sherlock’s favourite robe
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 And when I say had, I’m being indelicate.

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